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Immigration DNA Testing
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Immigration DNA Testing

Immigration DNA Testing Preserves Families
Families, no matter their origin, matter. At the Hummingbird DNA® we not only believe this to be true, at all of our 3,000 plus locations, we work to prove it. Immigration DNA testing is one way we do this, by ensuring that if it's DNA proof you need to reunite your family, you have access to testing that will provide that.

Immigration is often the lifeblood of many countries, with new immigrants coming in, building jobs and communities and adding to the cultural mosaic of a region. In many cases, as has been from the beginning, only one or more family member will immigrate, establish themselves, and then send for their remaining family. There are times, however, when officials require proof of family relationship and this is where immigration DNA testing shines. No matter the family relationship, DNA can help establish its claim.
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