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DNA Paternity Test:

Why You Can Count On Us?
A DNA paternity test answers a single tremendously important question: "Who is the child's father?" That question, when left unanswered, can cause a lot of stress to everyone involved. So, whenever you're in a situation that requires you to confirm paternal identity, talk to us about it.

We at Paternity Center are well equipped to handle this type of testing. When you get your results from us, you can be assured of two things. The first is that, our transaction will be done with the utmost confidentiality. We understand that every person who comes to us for help is burdened by a unique and probably very sensitive situation, and we respect that. The results of any test will be between you and the laboratory. The second is that, with our tests, you can be sure that the results are accurate. Our team of experienced professionals is working with the best equipment that the industry has to offer.

How does this type of testing work?
A DNA paternity test is simple. Just like fingerprints, everyone's DNA has patterns that make it unique. Half of your DNA is inherited from your mother, and the other half from your father. The child's DNA will be compared with the father's, determining if there is a match. If they don't match, then there is no biological relation between the two. This is the simplest, most convenient, and more importantly most accurate way to determine paternal relationship. Now, let's talk about your options.

Home Paternity Test
In this kind of test, we can just mail you a home testing kit wherein you can personally collect the DNA of both alleged father and child. Then, you can mail it to us and we can mail the results back in a couple of days. This is the most discrete way to test for paternity as you nor the tested parties won't even need to leave the house. However, these results are for personal use only and can't be used for legal reasons. For those purposes, see the next option.

Legal Paternity Test
This is basically a DNA paternity test that can be used for any legal purposes such as confirming the information on a birth certificate, child support, adoption, court order, immigration, custody cases, settling estate or last will issues, or any other legal matters. Both home and legal testing are equally accurate. The only difference between the two is that in a legal test, the parties to be tested are required to appear at a certified facility for DNA collection. If you think you might need the results for whatever legal reason, this is your best option.

Prenatal Paternity Test
If you can't wait for the baby to come out to have it tested, you can try this option. Our methods of prenatal testing are proven safe and, of course, very accurate. Whatever your reasons for getting a DNA paternity test may be, you can count on us . We have over 3,000 locations inside and outside the US; each one is ran by the best professionals in the field and can provide fast and accurate results. Contact us now for consultation.
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