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Siblingship Test.

At the Hummingbird DNA™ we offer siblingship testing to help establish whether or not two siblings share parentage. The test can determine whether or not the siblings share one or both parents. At the Hummingbird DNA™ we understand that families can often be complicated. For whatever reasons establishing who the father is can sometimes be difficult, and sometimes people are less than honest, for various reasons when it comes to determining parentage. The Siblingship test can help prove when siblings share a common father, or when they share one parent.

When the alleged father is not present, this test can prove family relationships in an indirect way. This test could be used as proof for an inheritance claim or social security benefit claim when the father either will not or is not available to submit to a test. The two siblings' DNA profiles are compared to determine how much of their DNA could come from a common father. If the mother is available to help, she could submit her DNA profile to help us rule out her DNA contribution, giving us a clearer picture of the siblings' possible shared DNA from their alleged father. If the mother chooses to participate, this will help speed up the analysis and reduce the cost of the procedure.

The test can either be a half siblingship test or a full siblingship test. If the siblings know they share a biological mother and are trying to determine whether or not they share a father, a full siblingship test is performed. If the siblings do not share a mother, but suspect they share a common father, then a half siblingship test is performed. The Hummingbird DNA™ has over two-thousand-five-hundred locations in the United States and worldwide. This means that you are never too far away from one of our testing centers, further reducing the cost should you choose to have the test carried out. The Paternity Center was established to help make the advancing technology of DNA testing available to everyone at an affordable price.

The Hummingbird DNA™ is the leading force in private DNA testing in the US and worldwide, and we pride ourselves on living up to that reputation. The media, healthcare professionals and people who work in the legal profession recognize us as being the very best DNA company in the world. The Hummingbird DNA™ is one of the world's largest DNA testing companies and we have the expertise and infrastructure that goes along with it. All of our staff are selected to be well trained and personable and will help you establish parentage in a timely and sensitive manner.

We have worked with courts, embassies and with many public sector departments in countries worldwide and have a strong reputation amongst the public sector as well as private individuals who have used our services in the past. With all of this in mind, we hope that you will trust us to carry out your siblingship testing in a timely, caring and above all, inexpensive manner. We look forward to seeing you.
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