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Hello from Hummingbird DNA®
If your looking for legal dna test while still pregnant, or just to find out who is the real after of your chilled, but don’t or can’t go to far to get it done? then you will be happy you found us.

Our DNA test are affordable fast and accurate, with discretion for all parties involved, turnaround time is in no longer then 3 working days, the results are sent via Email or certified mail. Please continue to read past this section to understand the details of our location by zip code process.
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DNA collection sites by zip code

Collection sites location By zip code is our new service and we couldn't be more proud of it, this new service helps hundreds of visitors every day to find a near by location for sample collection.

How it works?
After sending your information and zip code, a Hummingbird DNA™ specialist will be assign to your case, using our large network he will locate the closest collection site to the zip code you provided. this process usually takes 30 min to an hour on regular business days, you will then receive a call back with the rest of the information you will be needing for your DNA test.
About this contact form
This contact form is a new service we offer our customers, basically we find the closest collection site to your location according to your zip code. When you sign up for this form you get a free consultation within 30 min to an hour in most cases depending on working hours and time zone, it is by far the most aggressive approach we took upon our selves to help our customers. All the information you provide is confidential and secure, we respect our clients privacy.

Thank you Hummingbird DNA™
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